Filipa Carneiro: The Perfect Finish to Your Handknits

Filipa Carneiro: The Perfect Finish to Your Handknits

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Filipa Carneiro: The Perfect Finish to Your Handknits

Filipa Carneiro: The Perfect Finish to Your Handknits

Classroom: Alpaca. Moll de Barcelona s/n, edifici Est, 1ª planta. 08039, Barcelona.. Ver mapa

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Filipa Carneiro: The Perfect Finish to Your Handknits

Date: Saturday, 5th November

Time: 17:00 h - 20:00 h

Classroom: Alpaca

Workshop facilitator: Filipa Carneiro

Technique: Knitting

Level: All levels

Language: English

Places: 15

Sponsor: The Lanners

Prepare the perfect finish before you knit the first stitch.

In this workshop, you will learn how to think ahead to make your finishing tasks easier. Filipa will guide you and teach you how to use the different seams, edge finishes, how to pick up and cast on stitches. You will be able to find the best ways and places to weave in ends, hide yarns and make your hand knitted garment the perfect project.


  • introduction to finishing techniques: planning ahead where to change threads, how to choose edge stitches, and where to leave yarn scraps long enough for seams;
  • sewing techniques: vertical seams in jersey stitches (mattress stitch), horizontal seams and 3-needle bind-off, combined seams;
  • Picking up stitches: learning the stitch/row ratio, picking up stitches along the vertical edge, picking up stitches along a round neckline;
  • knit ends: knit ends in ribbing and garter stitch; knit with sharp needle for thicker (or slippery) yarns.

Required material:

Two colors of yarn (DK thickness recommended, in contrasting colors and not too dark), 2 pairs of knitting needles to go with the chosen yarn.

Required techniques:

Assemble, purl, work stockinette stitch, work ribbing 2x2, work simple increases and decreases.


  • students should bring the following knitting swatches (we recommend DK thickness yarn):
  • 2 samples of stockinette stitch 12 x 12 cm;
  • 1 stretch stitch + stockinette stitch swatch of approximately 10 x 20 cm. Knit a multiple of 4 stitches (approximately 24 stitches for DK thickness yarn and 32 stitches if fingering weight yarn is used). Work in 2x2 ribbing as follows
    • Rw 1 (RS): k3, (p2, k2) repeat until the last stitch, k1.
    • Row 2 (WS): p1, (p2, k2) repeat until the last 3 stitches, p3.
    • Repeat rows 1 and 2, until the stockinette stitch measures 6 cm in height. o Continue in stockinette stitch until the swatch measures 20 cm / in height.
  • 2 swatches in stockinette stitch 10 x 10 cm - leave stitches unclosed (leave open stitches in a stitch keeper, yarn remnants or single needle needle);



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Opinião verificadaAssistiu o 5/11/2022
Un taller muy completo
Pasé un ratito muy agradable con Filipa y los demás participantes del taller. Aprendí algunas cosas que no sabía y confirmé que controlaba perfectamente las que sí sabía. Filipa hizo el enorme esfuerz Ler mais de impartir el taller en castellano y en inglés, cosa que valoramos todos los asistentes ya que éramos un grupo variado. Repetiría sin dudarlo :)
Pilar R. Méndez
Opinião verificadaAssistiu o 5/11/2022
Excelente taller. Filipa es muy didáctica y súper importante habla Perfecto español e inglés
Quizas para que sea ma fácil para ella y los que toman el curso y las charlas magistrales un traductor simultaneó y proyectores con presentación en power point
Zaida Fehr Minghetti
Opinião verificadaAssistiu o 5/11/2022
Explicaciones muy claras y precisas
Hedwig De Brauwer
Opinião verificadaAssistiu o 5/11/2022
Un curso muy útil
Hemos aprendido a planificar donde cambiaremos de ovillo, a unir tejidos de diferentes formas y en distintas direcciones, a recoger puntos y a esconder hebras, incluso las más resbaladizas, permitiénd Ler mais nos así unos buenos acabados de nuestros tejidos. Filipa se explica muy bien, el curso es muy gráfico y práctico. Muy contenta de haber asistido.
Opinião verificadaAssistiu o 5/11/2022
M'ha agradat molt! Sempre cosia els jerseis de manera intuïtiva amb les conseqüents imperfeccions i aquí he après a fer-ho correctament, sense que es vegi el cosit, a amagar els fils amb coherència i Ler mais nvisibilitat, a agafar punts de manera que quedi molt polit i sense imperfeccions.. Fantàstic!


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Barcelona Knits SL

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